Text 3 Jul 62 notes Zoostuck 2! Come one come all from DC MD and VA!

Facebook event link: http://www.facebook.com/events/168926783232572/
Hosts: Me (tumblr: binarycanbial.tumblr.com phone #: 202-580-9989) and Sara (tumblr: queenechidna.tumblr.com phone #: 703-598-2993)
Feel free to contact either one of us if you have any questions.
As Otakon is coming up, Sara and I thought it would be a good idea to have a stress free and all around fun meet up to help with post-con depression, a disease from which we all suffer.
Welcome to the event page for ZOOSTUCK 2!! All homestucks in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas are invited to take over the National Zoo in Washington DC.

Where: The National Zoo main pedestrian entrance on Connecticut Ave. Right by the “Zoo” sign made of concrete and the two giant lion statues. ADMISSION TO THE ZOO IS FREE!

When: Sunday, August 12th 2012. 12:00-12:30 – 7 pm
Cosplay: Wear cosplay if you want but it isn’t necessary. However, please be appropriate. Dress for the correct weather and don’t be too revealing. Masks that cover your entire face will not be allowed. Grey troll makeup is also a no for this event. Horns are fine as long as they aren’t too huge. NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND. No big hammers, sickles, guns, etc. This is a public place and weapons will not be tolerated. They could get us in huge trouble with security.

Behavior: This shouldn’t be necessary but as the fandom has a bad reputation and please don’t make it worse. Just be appropriate. THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO NOT HAVE FUN AND NOT MESS AROUND, just don’t do stupid stuff.

That’s all for now, but expect more info to come. Invite anyone you want! Spread the word!

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    Forecast for the weekend: Warm weather: High temperatures around 87 degrees lows around 66 degrees. 47% Humidity, high...
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    An actual SUNDAY event!
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    I’m going!
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    reblogging this again because i need to remember to go : o
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    Awww man I love the National Zoo I would love to go if I knew anybody that was going… ;u;
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    dude i want to go to this
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    I’m going to try to go to this!
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    oh gosh i really want to go but idk if my mom would let me go to both this /and/ the bunny meetup…
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    Yup its free
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    Is t)(e zoo free? If yes, t)(en I’m in and I’m dragging at least two dorks wit)( me.
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    Oh hey I think I can actually go to this!!
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    Yes, a way to fight post-Otakon depression
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    edit. now moved to the 11th. spread this around to people.
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    This sounds like a wonderful idea :D

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